Earlier this year on a visit to our local homeplus we picked up a bottle of Yenal Dongdongju. The bold black label with clean and simple white text sucked us in, and with a price around 2000원 (I don’t remember the exact cost) we picked it up.

When opening the bottle and pouring we discovered it was full of lumps (or bits), similar to Sikhye (비락식혜 for example). This is different from any dongdongju or makkoli we tried before. The overall taste was solid and the sikhye style makes it a little different. Is it the best rice wine? No. However it’s solid and at a fair price, so personally I’d give it a go if you’re looking for a change of pace.

The Basics;

Name – 옛날 생동동주
Bottle Size – 750ml
Alcohol Content – 6%
Price – around 2000원
Location – Naju, South Jeolla
Website – namdotakju.co.kr

Pictures of Yenal Dongdongju (옛날 생동동주)


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