Just a quick post regarding today’s news that public schools in South Korea to remain closed until further notice and will start classes online next week. This of course is all due to the current global pandemic this is the Corona Virus or COVID19. Although life in Korea has started to slow return to normal the government is being careful and trying to reduce risk by stopping any and all mass gatherings. Of course hundreds of kids all in one small area isn’t a good idea at the moment, therefore schools will remain closed. However classes will be held online so students receive some education. Here are the starting dates for online classes;

High School & Third Grade Middle School – April 9th
Middle School First & Second Grade – April 16th
Elementary School – April 20th

This news however isn’t great for people employed in related fields; such as cafeteria workers, after-school staff, businesses close to schools and of course hagwon’s and daycare’s. That being said schools should reopen when COVID19 cases drop which fingers crossed should be the end of this month to the beginning of May.

News Links / Sources;

Yonhap News

Korea Times



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