Hello again, like most people recently we’ve had a lot of free time are home to do things such as watch TV and of course movies. So we thought why not bring back our some movie reviews.

For our second review we’ve gone with the Vin Diesel action movie Bloodshot. This comic book antihero movie that is a little different but also similar to the standard DC/Marvel films we’ve seen before. Here are my pros and cons for Bloodshot (warning spoilers);

Review (Warning Spoilers) for Bloodshot

Pros Cons
The idea is solid and the story is interesting. For a movie with blood in the title, there isn’t much blood.
The action scenes are fun, and when Lamorne Morris enters the comedic side of the movie improves leaps and bounds. It’s a little CGI heavy at times.
It’s nice not to be another DC/Marvel movie with tons of sub-plots and building towards squeals etc. The middle of the movie goes a little slow and lack direct at times.

Overall Rating:


It’s slightly above average, it’s easy watching with a couple of beers.

Trailer for Bloodshot


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