Hello again, to continue with our new series of movie reviews we’ve rewatched a classic (of sorts) Muppets from Space.

This was the final feature film from the Muppets until they returned in 2011, and followed two musicals. Here are my pros and cons for Muppets from Space (warning spoilers);

Review (Warning Spoilers) for Muppets from Space

Pros Cons
It features the Muppets. The pop culture references are dated now.
It’s nice family fun, with the odd joke aimed towards adult viewers. It gets a little boring in the middle.
The story is different and original. It lacks the charm of the previous two muppets movies.

Overall Rating:


It’s weak when compared to some of the previous movies featuring the muppets and some of the pop culture references are 21 years out of date. However it has it’s moments.

Trailer for Muppets from Space


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