A while back we picked up few cans of Mocha Stout (모카스타우트) from our local Lotte Mart. We’re always on the look out for solid Korean beers and craft beers in general, and this one ticked both boxes. Here are the facts and our thoughts;

What: Mocha Stout / 모카스타우트
Who: Hand and Malt Brewing Company
Where: Supermarkets / Marts
How Much: around 3000원-4000원 (sometimes its four to 10000원)

Review; It’s a solid stout with a nice aroma and taste. It’s a little lighter than for example Guinness, but on par in regards to taste. It has seem faint coffee and chocolate notes, but they are mild. In Honestly pick up a can and try it when it’s part of the four cans for 10000원 deal, especially if you like Guinness.

Mocha Stout (Hand and Malt Korea) Pictures





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