Hello again, to continue with our new series of movie reviews we’re looking at the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy movie The Brothers Grimsby.

The Brothers Grimsby is Sacha Baron Cohen with a similar approach to Ali G and slightly Borat. Funny, rude and pushes the boundaries at times as ever. Here are my pros and cons for The Brothers Grimsby (warning spoilers);

Review (Warning Spoilers) for The Brothers Grimsby

Pros Cons
Nice mix of action and comedy. The extreme and sexual jokes aren’t for everyone.
It has its softer and more relatable moments. It’s a little short at only around 80mins.
It’s laugh out loud funny. The story is a little predictable at times, and lacks development.

Overall Rating:


It’s funny, clever and one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s better recent films. Honestly it’s maybe funnier if your English in my opinion.

Trailer for The Brothers Grimsby


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