These days it is much wiser to stay at home even when you’d like to have a nice cold beer. Thankfully options in Korea are ever growing, especially in the craft beer market. Recently we picked up a can of Brown Sugar Milky Stout (흑당 밀키 스타우트) from our local CU Mart. Here are the key details and a brief review;

Brewery: Platinum Craft Beer
ABV: 5.4%
Purchased: CU Mart
Price: around 3000원 (Normally part of the four cans for 10,000 promotion)

Overall it was enjoyable, however it did taste a little weaker and less flavorful than market leader Guinness. The color is like chocolate milk, and it has a pleasant aroma. Honestly I’d stick with the imported option, but if you’re looking for a reasonably priced Korean stout this is solid.

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Sorry about the lack of photos, focused more on enjoying the beer over blogging 😦

But here is a Korean blog with a good number of photos;

Video Review here (in Korean):


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