Earlier this summer the news broke that Kellogg’s would bow to public pressure and finally release Chex Spring Onion Flavored Cereal (첵스파맛). A long story short, sixteen years ago a contest/survey found that Spring Onion (파) was the most in demand chex cereal favor. However it never made it into production until 2020.

This weekend I saw it at my local Lotte Mart and thought “why not?” and picked up a box for around 6000원 ($6). Here are by brief thoughts;

Review; It’s certainly different. The first spoonful was a little jarring, but once the shock wore off it’s not bad. Honestly it remains me of Cheese and Onion crisps for back home, and maybe it better eaten as a snack vs with milk.
Would I buy it again? No, the regular chocolate flavor is better.
Is it bad? No.
Would I recommend buying it? As a cereal, no. As a snack or for fun, yes.

Overall Chex Spring Onion Cereal is a 5/10. Maybe better as a snack than a cereal.


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