Indescribable is maybe the best way to sum up this bizarre TV advert for hangover cure 상쾌환 aka Easy Tomorrow.

You need to watch it first as it’s better going in with an open mind.


Firstly it seems like a psa (public service announcement) for the dangers of drinking, but then it shifts from a psa to a zombie or alien body snatcher movie trailer. It’s interesting and I kept watching, which is rare for a skippable YouTube ad. Although it doesn’t make me want to buy the product, it is memorable. Finally the negative comments and thumbs down come it part due to the fact this is not blocked/limited and plays as an ad on videos aimed towards kids, plus it is pretty freaky.

What do you think?

Indescribable Advert for 상쾌환 aka Easy Tomorrow

Just a few odd moments from the 92 second long advert;



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